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*SSRN's Top Ten Papers: 20 Quantitative Finance-Risk Analytics Top-10 Rankings in 11 Weeks... Stochastic, Econometric, Mathematical Risk Modeling.
*Advancing Computational Quantitative Analytics Finance & Risk Modeling to post-HFT era Cyber Finance for Information-based Uncertainty Arbitrage.
*Advancing Cybersecurity Risk Insurance Modeling Practices in Quantitative Finance, Model Risk Management & Advanced Data Science Analytics.

Knowledge Executives Network (KEN)

We welcome you to the Knowledge Executives Network sponsored by the WWW Virtual Library of Knowledge Management and @Brint.com. Membership in this exclusive network is by invitation only and can be activated by sending e-mail message to ken@brint.com.

The Knowledge Executives Network™ (KEN™) aims to serve the needs of executives in Knowledge Management and related professions in major worldwide organizations. Here you are anticipated to have access to a network of worldwide KM executives. In addition, you are expected to have access to Knowledge Management related forums, events, news, views, studies and reports meant exclusively for top executives just like yourself.

KEN also provides the opportunity for you to be a part of the action by your participation in specific forums, events, news, views studies, etc. by sending an e-mail to ken@brint.com. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Based on the interest exhibited by the Knowledge Management executives at the international level, we are in the process of further value-addition to our services. If you are a mover and shaker in the realm of Knowledge Management, this section is for you.

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