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Knowledge Management
Common Body of Knowledge

(Release 1.0)

The KM-CBK is presented herein in the form of seminars prepared by Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Founder of the Global Risk Management Network, for teaching Executives and MBAs at various programs including Carnegie Mellon and Kellogg. The seminars are presented as slide shows in about the same order in which they were delivered. Most key aspects of KM are addressed from the business and technology perspectives. Key concepts are explained and illustrated with real world examples and applications. Pragmatic focus helps in understanding the inter-relationships between those concepts. The focus is on real world applied understanding with the aid of industry cases and real examples. As the integrative framework is crucial for understanding the subtle but important distinctions buried in diverse semantic debates, its key elements are visible across seminars. Review those for reinforcement and understanding or skip as you may please.

More in-depth understanding of underlying theory and research can be gained in published articles available in and If you have further questions about what you study in the seminars or need help, feel free to communicate with other community members in the Global Network.

Knowledge Management for Business Peformance  
Seminar Overview Knowledge Management for Business Performance 
2000 Seminars  
Seminar 1 Knowledge Management for the Digital Economy  
Seminar 2 Business Performance, Innovation, and Knowledge Markets  
Seminar 3 Beyond BPR: From Information to Knowledge to Action  
Seminar 4 10 Steps and 4 Phases of KM Road Map & Case Studies  
Seminar 5 Knowledge Transfers, Knowledge Exchanges and Flows  
Seminar 6 Knowledge Management for the Digital Economy  
Seminar 7 Role of Information Technologies in Knowledge Management  
Seminar 8 Knowledge Management Projects, Performance, and, Success  
Seminars 9 & 10 KM System, KM Architecture, KM Repositories, KM Applications  
More on Seminars 9 & 10 KM System, KM Architecture, KM Repositories, KM Applications  
Seminar 11 KM Development & Deployment / CKO Roles & Responsibilities  
Seminar 12 Structured Process for Building a KM Program and a Road Map  
Seminar 13 Managing Change, Culture, and Rewards: Role of CKO  
Seminars that include significant updates only are listed under 2002 Seminars  
2002 Seminars  
Seminar 1 Knowledge Management for the Digital Economy  
More on Seminar 1 Knowledge, Action, and Peformance; Industry Surveys  
Seminar 2 Promise & Challenge of Knowledge Markets; Trust in K-Markets  
More on Seminar 2 KM, Strategy, & Marketing; More on Knowledge Markets  
Seminar 3 Knowledge Generation: Strategy, Technology, and Implementation
Seminar 4 Knowledge Codification & Coordination: Strategy & Implementation
Seminar 5 Knowledge Transfer: Strategy & Implementation  
More on Seminar 5 Knowledge Transfer: Enabling Technologies & Performance Gaps  
Seminar 6 Knowledge Workers, Managers, CKOs: Filling Performance Gaps  
Seminar 7 What KM Technologies Can Accomplish AND What they Can't  
Seminar 8 KM Projects and Knowledge Audit: What Works & What Doesn't  
Seminar 9 Pragmatics of KM: Where to Start and How to Get it Done

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